Sandler wipe substrates are the friend in need from baby care to industrial cleaning.
Sandler wipe substrates are the friend in need from baby care to industrial cleaning.

Building materials that render our home warm, quiet and cosy; acoustically efficient absorbers in the automobile that dampen driving noise and ensure a pleasant trip; hygiene products that help us feel secure and comfortable in any situation; wipes that help quickly remove little mishaps – nonwovens are in use all around, making our life easier and more pleasant.

At the 2014 INDEX trade show, 8-11 April 2014, Geneva Switzerland, Bavarian nonwoven maker Sandler invites you to experience the fascination with nonwovens for yourself. Apart from hygiene products, the company also puts a focus on nonwovens for technical applications in its trade fair presentation.

(Nonwoven) Model home

A modern, light-filled house, clear lines, an elegant minimalist design, a terrace fitted with lounge furniture and a large garden: A description of your dream home? Well, in any case this is Sandler’s new booth at the INDEX. Have a seat and experience the fascination with nonwovens first hand.

Inside the house, nonwoven insulation materials on walls and ceiling create a comfortable indoor climate and provide quiet rooms for productive talks despite the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. A patchwork picture made of different nonwoven qualities, equipped with print and embossed motifs, showcase acoustic efficiency combined with a host of design opportunities.

Have a first glimpse into the world of Sandler nonwovens with our new image trailer screened in the showroom or plan the implementation of the next innovation in nonwovens in our meeting room. Nonwoven wall paper for exterior application commends itself as a textile alternative for renovation and design on the façade of the house. Visit the Sandler booth and be inspired. Your Sandler team is looking forward to develop nonwoven innovations with you and for you.

In the garden you are invited to ‘feel the difference’: sample collections showcase Sandler’s latest developments for automotive applications, filtration, technical insulation, hygiene and wipes:

Softness, function, comfort

Nonwovens in hygiene articles are our daily companions. They lend support to little explorers and further an active lifestyle through discrete protection. Thus, softness providing for a high level of comfort and reliable performance ensuring confidence in use are the paramount objectives in product development.

In this respect, the latest Sandler innovations for hygiene products leave nothing to be desired:
New materials for topsheet applications provide increased comfort in feminine hygiene with a silky touch. A special combination of fibre blend and manufacturing technology makes these nonwovens even smoother—silk touch for softness, a high level of comfort in use and a recognisable ‘nothing there’ feeling. After all, there is so much more to think of than hygiene products.

In all applications, nonwoven distribution layers providing excellent fluid management are becoming a talking point: They reliably absorb fluid and quickly transport it to the absorbent core. Reliable protection allowing us to simply enjoy whatever the day may bring, no matter whether we are using a product ourselves or are able to get a good night’s sleep knowing the baby diaper keeps our child dry and comfortable as well.

In baby diapers and incontinence products extensible sawabond and sawasoft nonwovens as well as elastic sawaflex composites create room to move. In diaper ears and other closure systems these air-permeable nonwovens combine a textile feel and facilitate optimum fit. With these nonwovens hygiene products adapt to any situation—whether your child is learning to walk or you are trying a new type of sport.

From design to sustainability

Sandler wipe substrates are the friend in need from baby care to industrial cleaning: They may be lightweight, conserving resources, and they are soft to gently care for sensitive skin in baby care or cosmetics. Or they may be particularly sturdy and bulky to easily remove even stubborn dirt. The nonwoven substrates are characterised by excellent lotion handling.

Partnership and sustainability are Sandler’s watchwords regarding Eurocel—a fibre developed by Lenzing AG, manufactured in Europe from base materials of European origin. Using the “European fibre”, delivery distances for raw materials are shorter, carbon dioxide emissions during transport are reduced and the nonwovens’ carbon footprint is improved. With Eurocel wipes become more bulky, more stable when wet and dry out less quickly. This fibre also reduces elongation.

And since care is also supposed to be fun, Sandler brings life to nonwovens with application-oriented print and embossed designs. The latest embossed design for baby wipes invites you to just dive in: sea dwellers introduces a lively underwater world with seahorses, fish, turtles and clams.