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Filter media features

Nanoparticle retention was evaluated for a range of commercial 0.2 μm sterile filters.


Image-based structure analysis reveals anisotropic permeability and isoporosity.


This article aims to help filtration experts persuade owners and operators of gas processing facilities of the importance of filtration.


An analytical model to investigate how membrane pore size distribution affects the solute separation efficiency.


This article looks at pusher centrifuge technology over the last decade and how it has redefined product quality, energy efficiency and operations.


Integrated systems can purify water, minimize wastes and extract useful substances.


Investigating the effect of fiber length and operational conditions on the performance of hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes.


The new machinery removes up to 70% more contaminant and recycles 98% of waste product.


An assessment of the environmental impact and cost of fabricating 1000 m2 of hollow fiber polymeric membranes.


The cleaning of process waste or contaminated water in ETPs to make it reusable and recyclable means selecting the right low-pressure blower technology.


Recent developments in biomanufacturing are driving innovations in membrane technology.


The interaction of liquid water droplets and salt particles influences the operating behavior of gas cleaning filters.


Composites and coatings that use graphene offer a new solution to some of the key environmental challenges facing Europe.


Camfil's air quality solutions helps preserve the Russia's Heritage Museum’s precious collection.


Electrospun carbon nanofibre mats were formed from poly(acrylonitrile) to generate flexible, self-standing membranes for air filtration.


José Larios, CEO of Celeros Flow Technology, discusses what it is like to launch a new venture during a global pandemic.


Upcoming feature - a look at some of the most relevant criteria when selecting a filter bag for optimum performance.


Plastic-free, stainless steel mesh designs are becoming more important in the treatment of wastewater.Here is a brief overview of the selection by GKD.


Global water treatment company Pentair is developing a compact ultrafiltration membrane element for its X-Flow product line.


A look at dynamic cross-flow filtration (DCFF) with rotating ceramic membranes for intricate applications.

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The new BXS range combines the depth filter sheets of the BECO Standard or CPS ranges.


The spacer patterns have the potential to reduce fouling and scaling in the element.


The new option is suitable for EN 12941 and EN 12942 PAPR testing standards.


The Leopold Texler system uses hydrophobic geotextile, a woven HDPE which naturally repels water and reduces the need for cleaning.


The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.

What’s coming up in filter media…
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Organisers say the content to be presented in September 2021 will be very similar to that of the postponed WFC13 in April 2020.

Sep ’21

Discussion on the circular economy for nonwovens.

Aug ’21

North America’s show for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Jul ’21

Sep ’21

An introductory course on the basics of nonwovens.