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Filter media features

Microalgae turns pollutant gases into oxygen

Biomitech has created an air purification system which uses the power of microalgae.

Recycled ceramics offer low-cost MBR

The REMEB technology could be implemented in municipal WWTPs throughout the world.


ZVI-sand filtration may be a promising basis for a point-of-use filtration system for reclaimed water irrigation on small-scale farms.


Collaboration could see a sustainable solution to remove micro- pollutants from water streams.


A brief look GKD's mesh design for micro sieving in water treatment operations.


Cost savings by combining sand filtration with new technology.


Filter cartridges help wine to achieve stability


Greater process efficiencies using hybrid-meshes.


Arville shines the spotlight on filtration media


Advantages of turnkey compact mobile water filtration units


Process water critical for industrial facilities and manufacturing products. But what if the quality of the process water is not good enough?


One company has created a 2.0mm screen in an effort to eliminate downstream matting.


An innovative approach to the installation of a WPL HiPAF wastewater treatment system in the Czech Republic has cut costs.


A shipping company which specialises in dry cargo needed to install scrubber to ensure that the met the standards for marine SOx compliance.


Non-graded wound filters are popular in the filtration industry, but filter efficiency is crucial.


The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.


One airport installed a strainer system which has been running sucessfully for 15 years without maintenance.


Microplastics are a global environmental problem. Around a third of the particles are caused by tire wear that is washed into the sewers by rainwater.


The research paper 'Filtration properties of carbon woven fabric filters supplied with high voltage for removal of PM 1.0 particles' has been published in

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Most viewed in filter media…

Toray has built on its previous technology to enhance pore diameter control while maintaining sufficient permeability.


The ceramics adsorption filter minimises fouling of RO membranes.


Glenmorangie has worked to reduce its impact on the environment by purifying the by-products of distillation.


Sandler will be showcasing its nonwovens for indoor and outdoor use.


Abstracts should be submitted by 1 May 2019.

What’s coming up in filter media…
Apr ’19

Plenary sessions, technical sessions, presentations and expo.

Mar ’19

Triennial event for the nonwovens and engineered fabrics industry.

Apr ’19

Industrial Filtration & Separation Expo 2019

Mar ’19

The industry trade fair for paints and coatings.

Apr ’19

Conference and exhibition supporting the growing filtration market across the Indian subcontinent and Asia.