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Filtration and Separation features, January 2017

The review article 'Energy-water-environment nexus underpinning future desalination sustainability' has been published in the Elsevier journal Desalination

Improved lignin-zeolite composite membranes

The research paper 'Membranes based on Electrospun Lignin-Zeolite Composite Nanofibres' has been published in Elsevier journal Separation and Purification


The research paper 'Membranes based on Electrospun Lignin-Zeolite Composite Nanofibres' has been published in Elsevier journal Separation and Purification


The article 'A review of air filtration technologies for sustainable and healthy building ventilation' has been published in Elsevier journal Sustainable C


The article 'Reverse osmosis membrane, seawater desalination with vibration assisted reduced inorganic fouling' has been published in Elsevier journal Desa


Significant overhaul of waste water treatment plant improves operational efficiency


In an increasingly water-scarce world, there's a growing need for sustainable water treatments. This article explores Spain's largest desalination plant.


The article 'Operation of passive membrane systems for drinking water treatment' has been published in Elsevier journal Water Research.


How a UK manufacturer and designer of high performance magnetic systems reduced steel contamination in the manufacture of pick-up frames for trucks.


The research paper 'Applying modern automotive technology on small scale gasification systems for CHP production: A compact hot gas filtration system' has


How a Vortisand filtration system from Evoqua improved the natural outdoor environment of an otter habitat in a Canadian zoo.


The research article 'Improved performance of gravity-driven membrane filtration for seawater pretreatment: Implications of membrane module configuration'


Anaerobic digestion (AD) technology has moved on over the last 15 years and many original wastewater AD facilities are now looking to switch from producing


Elsevier's Journal of Membrane Science has published a research article on 'In-situ monitoring techniques for membrane fouling and local filtration charact


Drainage systems in food processing facilities can experience a build-up of fats, oil, grease (FOG) and waste. Here, we consider the impact of FOG and orga


The article 'Treatment efficiency and economic feasibility of biological oxidation, membrane filtration and separation processes, and advanced oxidation fo


Finding the right people to work in a specialist field such as the filtration industry takes time and often a great deal of patience. Here, recruitment exp


The research paper 'Reduction of the width of particle size distribution to improve pressure filtration properties of slurries' has been published in the E


Through a complex optimization process, the existing pervaporation Pervap membranes have been steadily improved. So far, six of these have been brought to


The research paper 'Wind-powered desalination for strategic water storage: Techno-economic assessment of concept' has been published in the Elsevier journa


The CEO of Russian air filter manufacturer Tion, has disclosed that by 2022, the company will have established substantial export markets for its air purif


The Indian chocolate industry is valued at US$4.8 billion, so when a global chocolate manufacturing facility in India discovered problems with its liquid


In Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, 80% of the population lack access to safe drinking water and 95% have no access to good quality sanitation. So when a Fren


Many companies are realizing the financial and environmental benefits to be gained from their organic waste streams. Here we look at a number of long-held


The need for environmental filtration of automation can offer a fulfilling livelihood. Here, one new recruit, Alex Lowther, reviews his experiences and im


The Canadian City of Calgary invested in a heavyweight grit removal, classifying and dewatering system to protect and improve its Bonnybrook wastewater tr


When producer of windows, doors and conservatories renewed its 10-year old compressed air system, it found productivity increased as well as reliability.


In the biological wastewater treatment sector, biofilm carriers are increasingly being applied in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR). The diffusion depth i


The second part of this article looks at critical design parameters in prototypes of dishwasher filtration systems to increase particle handling capability


The problems of fuel tank contamination by water has led to the development of a water-free cell which eliminates contamination at source.


When Center Parcs began construction of its latest site at Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire, it wanted a wastewater treatment system in keeping with its envir


Specialist filter manufacturer, Croft Filters, has been designing and manufacturing bespoke filter components for 30 years. For the last seven years, its m


The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) celebrates its 85th year in 2017. Originally, a heating and ventilation sh


How self-cleaning filters in a tunneling wastewater project in Helsinki, Finland, helped settling tanks reduce total suspended solids.

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