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Filtration and Separation features, January 2014

Vibratory screener helps raise little neck clams

Part of the success of breeding clams is to ensure that there are enough nutrients for healthy growth. One US neck clam turned to the Vibroscreen circular

How environmentally significant is water consumption during wastewater treatment?

The choice of wastewater treatment (WWT) technology has a decisive influence on the water deprivation assessment in water-scarce locations. Life cycle asse


The groundwater drinking water facility at Spannenburg in the Netherlands is the world’s largest backwash water reuse installation. Here 1.25 million m3/ye


This Special Issue of the journal Desalination, on Desalination using Membrane Technology, illustrates the breadth of uses of membrane technology, not only


The Journal of Water Process Engineering has been launched by Elsevier, with all papers free online for the first year. Issue 1 is already available online


This Special Issue of Desalination is dedicated to electromembrane processes, featuring 18 invited papers covering fundamentals, materials, applications, a


An attractive option for ‘nuclear desalination’ is to couple a desalination plant with a new generation of small modular nuclear reactor designs, such as t


The feasibility of silica removal in reverse osmosis (RO) treatment of groundwater has been investigated in a mining and processing operation in Western Au


This work evaluates the influence of several treatments on chlorine dioxide (ClO2) consumption at a drinking water treatment plant (DWTP), and on chlorite


An in situ chemically assisted backwash method, with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) as the principal reagent, has been developed to control fouling in membran


A high-performance dual-layer nanofiltration (NF) hollow fibre membrane, comprising polybenzimidazole (PBI) and polyethersulfone (PES), has been designed a


The design considerations concerning the selection of turbocharger or isobaric energy recovery devices (ERDs) are discussed, along with field experience at


Modification of cellulose acetate membrane surfaces by charging with copper ions has resulted in copper-charged membranes that display low biofouling tende


Lower energy costs, improved operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact found in a 21st century version of traditional technology.


Making all the pieces of the puzzle fit for industrial clients.


Busch has delivered specialist blower systems to four oil & gas floating production storage and offloading facilities offshore Brazil.


Exclusive previews and pre-show announcements were the order of the day at the IFAT ‘media dialogue’ early in the New Year. The ICM at the Munich trade fai


The cleaning and disposal of industrial liquids is increasingly becoming a significant cost factor. Centrifugal force filtering technology from Rösler offe


Carbon nanotube (CNT) membranes are considered to offer a bright future for next-generation water desalination. The tip-functionalised nonpolar CNT interio


Marcia Sherony National Sales Manager for Hydro International’s US Wastewater Division explains how science is advancing our understanding of grit manageme


An examination of technologies for feed water treatment and effluent treatment demonstrates how correct implementation of those processes can lead to cost


Three mini-case studies from the US illustrating the benefits of self-clean filters in cooling towers.


Robert Martin, of Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration looks at how air filtration technology is now capable of capturing submicron particles to reduce i


A look at the developments in additive manufacturing technology and its potential to revolutionise industries that require filtration and separation solut


Ken Sutherland reviews the range of applications for food and drink separation equipment. He looks at likely developments in the field that will keep the s


INDEX 2014, 8-11 April, Geneva, Switzerland: Sandler: booth 2431 in hall 2.


This case history illustrates the operational results over a one year timeline upon installation of new Lewabrane RO membrane elements.


A look at UV applications in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries to ensure bio-security.


This stay-wet fabric and filter media overcome the biggest obstacle to antimicrobial performance: keeping the active ingredient from drying out.


A pilot study has looked at the long-term feasibility of using reverse osmosis (RO) treatment to manage salt levels in Central Arizona Project water. Altho


Why Volkswagen opted for volumetric mesh from GKD for a new generation of LP EGR filters.


Filtering river water using the latest precision driven cleaning heads for effective filter cleaning at low micron grades.


How an underwater pelletizing system brought substantial improvements to the type of granule produced and reduced the amount of waste produced.


To avoid expensive maintenance schedules and prolong the life of sensitive refrigeration equipment, many retail outlets are recognising the benefits of usi


This article looks at the advantages industrial woven wire meshes has over other filter media, solutions.


PVDF/nanoclay hollow fibres cast by non-solvent induced phase separation have been found to last three times longer than membranes without nanoclay under a


The factors influencing water diffusion in aromatic polyamide (PA) membranes are investigated. It is found that 8.75 Å is a critical radius for water chann


The field-scale transport behaviour of emerging organic compounds has been investigated, analysing detailed data from a river bank filtration system in Ber


Recent progress in forward osmosis (FO) technology development has identified its suitability for the sustainable treatment and desalination of complex and


The short-term fouling behaviour of a forward osmosis (FO) membrane in an osmotic membrane bioreactor (OMBR) has been investigated. Membrane fouling was af


This paper establishes the Water Price Index (WPI), which evaluates a membrane module’s price against its design flux, expected life, and efficiency. The i

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NIG Nutritionals has been trialling Hydroxsys’ equipment since the start of 2021.


MECO operates in the industrial water treatment market.


Saltworks’ process harvests lithium hydroxide solids that reach or exceed battery-grade specifications.


The decanters will be used to thicken and dewater sludge.


The filters will be part of the factory's process systems.

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