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Filtration and Separation features, January 2013

50th Anniversary: Half a century of developments in filtration – Part 3

In this third, and last, part of his broad review of developments in filtration and related separation processes, Ken Sutherland looks at the more importan

Food and beverage: Filters keep the wine flowing

One of the largest wine producers in China maintains its high quality product through the selection of suitable filters for the right application. Hangzhou


A new membrane product line has been introduced to meet the demanding requirements of removing fine particulate matter in industrial filtration. Different


A brewery in Korea has installed UV water disinfection systems to help keep the water used in its production processes free from microbial contamination.


Nanofibres promise to revolutionise the filtration market, among many others, enabling a plethora of novel nanofibre-enabled products. Dr. Sumit Gangwal an


One of the largest wood pulp and paper mills in the world has water conservation at the heart of its operations. Extensive filtration and separation techni


Sand filters have been employed on the East Anglian Broads in the United Kingdom to reduce the impact of phosphates in sewage discharge. Filtration+Separat


Electrodialysis-based technologies were used to treat an industrial saline water, with both electrodialysis (ED) and bipolar membrane electrodialysis (EDBM


There are some very specific problems that need to be overcome when dealing with produced waters from offshore oil and gas production. In the first of a se


Australian researchers have evaluated a membrane desalination system based on electrodialysis reversal (EDR), for its capacity to remove salt from treated


A new series of compact, pre-engineered seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis systems that incorporate Hyflux's proprietary Kristal® ultrafiltration


Continuing his short series of articles reviewing the development of filtration equipment and processes over the past 50 years, Ken Sutherland now looks at


Natural organic matter (NOM) in seawater can cause biofouling problems in seawater facilities. This work reports on the use of a biofilter to prevent biolo


The effects of attachment surface energy on biofilms have been evaluated for wastewater treatment, with biofilms grown on four plastic types at a full-scal


Environmental pressures are driving changes in filtration in the automotive finishing business. Jane Howarth and Professor S Anand of the Centre for Materi


An integrated process that couples reverse osmosis (RO) with a hybrid ion exchange-ultrafiltration method is studied for removing boron from geothermal wat


With more than 500 silica related deaths per year in the United Kingdom alone, dust is a serious issue in the workplace. James Miller, general manager at d


An open high-rate bioreactor is used to exclusively bio-reduce selenate to selenite, with the selenite subsequently reduced by chemical means under optimal


Regulations specifying tighter fuel economy and emission controls are emerging around the world to reduce global energy consumption and curb carbon emissio


This study of microgranular adsorptive filtration (µGAF) investigates the role of adsorbent particle size, adsorbent surface loading, and membrane pore siz


Regulations specifying tighter fuel economy and emission controls are emerging around the world to reduce global energy consumption and curb carbon emissio


This novel process recovers phosphorus in sewage treatment. There is no excess sludge if a polyphosphate accumulating organism (PAO) enrichment biofilm is


A new type of high velocity, cross-flow filter has been developed by Finnish company Sofi Filtration. The membrane filter is already providing solutions to


A special issue of the journal Desalination looks at recent research advances in nanofiltration (NF) membranes, covering the key aspects of NF membrane pro


A long term study looking at the design, performance and testing of air filters for balanced ventilation systems in dwellings has been undertaken at CETIAT


Two catalytic technologies using different filtration media have been combined to help meet the problem of volatile organic compounds in indoor air environ


This Canadian study investigates a recently identified group of disinfection by-products, halo-benzoquinones, including formation and treatment in bench-sc


Ultrapure water is crucial for many functions in cell culture applications and having a reliable source available is essential. Filtration+Separation descr


The Angas mine in South Australia is meeting its targets for zinc and lead following the installation of the latest Larox CC filters from Outotec.


In a series of three articles to mark the founding of Filtration+Separation fifty years ago, Ken Sutherland begins a review of the key developments in filt


This paper reviews the state-of-the-art in reverse osmosis (RO) desalination. It looks at materials science developments in conventional thin-film composit


New filter belt technology is proving ideal for gypsum dewatering applications in some of the world’s largest and most modern coal-fired power stations, he


A new on-air foam cleaning method for dynamic filtration modules is investigated, with operation of a 500 L pilot plant using flat-sheet dynamic filtration


This work investigated the efficiency of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ozonation to remove endocrine disruptive potentials from hospital effluents. MBR t


A hospital in Kentucky, USA needed to address problems with its air handling unit. AAF International was able to propose a solution that improved airflow i


Gas turbines require vast quantities of air and it is essential that this air is clean to prevent turbine damage and ensure maximum performance. Tom Winspe


A new seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) pretreatment unit has been evaluated for treating high-turbidity seawater. The pretreatment unit consists of a double


A standard methodology is presented for testing osmotically driven membrane process (ODMP) membranes, based on experience from and operating conditions use


Composite nanofiltration (NF) hollow fibres have been developed for water softening under 2 bar (29 psi) pressure. The membranes can achieve 20 LMH water f


A commercially available forward osmosis system – the HydroWell™ system from Hydration Technology Innovations™ – has been evaluated for use in disaster rel


Pervaporation and vapour permeation are two special membrane separation processes that can be combined with distillation systems for the dehydration of vol


Here an electro-ultrafiltration (EUF) process was used to separate a representative UV filter micropollutant, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC), from wat


Bürkert, the German fluid technology specialist, has developed an automated system for continuously monitoring reverse osmosis systems for the desalination


Ultrafiltration has become an increasingly important membrane separation technology in recent years. Anthony Bennett describes the fundamentals of ultrafil


Multi-effect tubular desalination devices have been designed and constructed. The performance ratio of the three-effect devices can reach about 1.7, which


Filters are increasingly being more widely used in public buildings to remove air pollutants and understanding their effectiveness is crucial. Tony Fedel o


Expanded PTFE membranes are finding an increasing number of high performance applications in a wide variety of markets. Paula Bickers of Donaldson Membrane


This paper provides an updated review on the boron problem, and discusses methods for boron removal as well as comparative studies on technologies for wate


German company MICRODYN-NADIR has installed membrane bioreactor technology to ensure that wastewater from a hospital meets the highest possible effluent st


Researchers at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research VITO NV have undertaken tests on membrane filter cartridges to determine their suitability


This review surveys reports on boron transport and removal using ion-exchange membranes. The economic feasibility of boric acid separation by electrodialys


This review paper considers the removal efficiency of treatment processes for antibiotics in urban wastewaters. The removal efficiency is dependent on anti


This study reports on a promising new chloramine-based disinfectant, dichloroisocyanurate (DCC), for biofouling control in polyamide reverse osmosis membra


The application of sieves as pretreatment for conventional activated sludge processes has been evaluated based on pilot plant research at three wastewater


By offering process designers a combination of reverse osmosis and ion exchange technology to address water treatment issues, LANXESS aims to both lower co


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been utilised to enhance the performance of water desalination technology. In particular, the smooth channels of CNTs facilita


One of the features of the chemicals sector (especially its bulk, fine and petrochemicals components) that distinguishes it from the remainder of industria

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