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Filtration and Separation features, July 2010

The shipping industry is required to treat wastewater to comply with increasingly strict environmental legislation. A solution was needed which could quick

UF pre-treatment: Membranes combat fouling risk in water

A steel producer in the United Arab Emirates planned an expansion of the existing steel plant and desalination facility. Due to the high fouling risk assoc


Seawater desalination faces a number of challenges in the USA. Nikolay Voutchkov of Water Globe Consulting, LLC, explains some of these and looks at ways t


In the final article in a series looking at the smaller end-use application sectors for filtration and separation equipment, Ken Sutherland reviews the man


Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Filter Division Europe looks at the importance of effective hydraulic oil and diesel filtration for extremely demanding industr


Cost and waste volume reduction is an important goal in the nuclear power generation industry. Chris Chadwick of the Porvair Filtration Group discusses way


Salt water intrusion in the local wells meant a wastewater treatment plant in the Village of Tequesta, Florida, US, required a desalination system. After s


Drought in Barcelona was forcing the government to transport water into the city. To provide a long-term solution, the Llobregat Desalination Plant was com


Advances in reverse osmosis technology enable more fresh water from smaller, more efficient systems. Parker Hannifin’s Racor Filter Division Europe, looks


In this article, Anthony Bennett looks at desalination concentrate management options. These include beneficial uses and high recovery processing to minimi


The problem of biofouling has been around since the introduction of membrane technology. Rodney Komlenic proposes that it is time to take a fresh look at i


This last-but-one article, in Ken Sutherland's series on the smaller end-use equipment application sectors, covers the uses in the whole forest products se


The membrane bioreactor has become an important processing tool in the treatment of waste liquids and of suspensions of waste solids. Ken Sutherland review


Ranked in the top 1% of all trade shows in North America, and the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world, this year's WEFTEC will be held on


A UK water bottling facility decided to implement monitoring controls for hydrogen sulphide. Six easy-to-operate dissolved sulphide monitors were selected


With increasing pressures on water supplies, water recycling in food and drinks production has become a much higher priority. A UK-based food processor is


A European airport chose to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions at its air handling plant. This required the installation of energy efficient techn


A District created to promote public health decided to scrub off-gas odours from its Vallejo wastewater treatment plant. The two open aeration basins were


IFAT has developed into one of the world's leading trade fairs for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Due to popular demand, IFAT is switch


Stephen Coulson, chief technical officer at P2i and inventor of its liquid repellent nano-coating technology, looks at how plasma processing is transformin


In the fourth of a series of articles, Graeme Pearce looks at the issues involved in the selection of pre-treatment in seawater reverse osmosis desalinatio


In the pharmaceutical industry it is essential to eliminate pyrogens from the manufacturing process, and in particular from the water production plants the


This fourth article, in Ken Sutherland's series on the smaller end-use equipment application sectors, features the use of filtration equipment in the medic


Anthony Bennett investigates advances in air filtration technologies for industrial applications, including automotive, dust collection, gas turbine, and H


Data from existing tests are of little use to HVAC system designers. Paolo Tronville of the Politecnico di Torino and Richard Rivers of EQS Inc. discuss a


A linen supply company has increased its wastewater recycling capacity by 67 per cent with a low cost screener retrofit.


Researchers at Usak University in Turkey have investigated the effect of needling intensity and knitted reinforcement fabric on some mechanical properties


Dr. M. Shirato, Emeritus Professor at Nagoya University and Honorary President of the Filtration Society — Japan Association, reviews the history, current


The operating environment of much modern hydraulic equipment creates an increased risk of damage due to hydraulic fluid contamination. Advanced filtration


The next in Ken Sutherland's series of articles, on the smaller end-use equipment application sectors, features the use of filtration equipment in the manu


Anthony Bennett investigates the use of membrane technology in the fine chemicals industry – in the production of the chemicals themselves and also in the


Efficient management of water is critical for the future of irrigated agriculture as climate change and ongoing drought reduces the amount of available wat

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