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Filtration and Separation features, January 2010

Precoat filtration: Diatomaceous earth improves filtration at desalination plant

Precoat filtration using a bulk handling system for diatomaceous earth has been introduced at a desalination plant in the USA as part of an improved pre-tr

Alumina: Filtration in the alumina production process

The production of alumina from bauxite is a vital first step in the production of aluminium. Filtration and separation equipment plays a significant role i


In this article, Anthony Bennett investigates the application of small scale desalination technologies for remote commercial, industrial, military, naval,


A growing demand for optimal efficiency in desalination means the use of energy recovery devices has become common practice. Not only is this economical, i


Developers were required to provide a Chilean mine with its own drinking water supply, due to the constraints of the desert area. The successful pilot of a


Test methods and standards for evaluating the filter media for air filtration applications are now being formulated by the industry. Paolo Tronville of the


Activated carbon is widely used as a sorbent media in purification and filtration methods. However, its traditional method of manufacture can be unfriendly


In the third of a series of articles, Graeme Pearce looks at the issues involved in the selection of pre-treatment in seawater reverse osmosis desalination


Winemaking by-products are a low-cost and rich source of valuable phenolic compounds with widely recognised health benefits. Membrane separation processes


In the second of his series of articles on the smaller end-use equipment application sectors, Ken Sutherland reviews the equipment marketplace for the proc


Storm flows during wet weather can cause major problems in wastewater plants. A team put together by Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies describe how t


Biofouling is a major and very expensive problem for the water industry. Biofilm resulting from the growth of microorganisms on reverse osmosis and ultrafi


A novel biocidal method for disinfecting drinking water has been developed by HaloSource Incorporated. Jeff Williams and Michael Bridges describe the devel


Reverse osmosis technology has been used to recover valuable water from the cooling towers of the Datong Power Plant in Shanxi, China for use as a source o


In the first of a series of articles, Graeme Pearce looks at the issues involved in the selection of pre-treatment technology in seawater reverse osmosis a


More than 300,000 people in a remote district of Sri Lanka are today enjoying quality drinking water for the first time due to a turnkey project undertaken


A waste management company has created a high-grade fuel oil made from waste oil, using a self-cleaning filter that reduces labour by 75%, maintenance by 5


Numerically optimised cyclones and recirculation systems have been shown to be highly efficient for the capture of fine particles, such as those occurring


In the second of a series of articles, Graeme Pearce looks at the issues involved in the selection of pre-treatment technology in seawater reverse osmosis


Filtration and separation processes are widely employed in the automotive industry. Anthony Bennett reviews some of these processes used in engine manufact


In the first of a series of articles, Ken Sutherland looks at one of the minor end-use sectors, which, although important industries in their own right, ac


Water is not normally associated in many people's minds with the production of oil and gas from underground reservoirs. Consequently, with no energy potent


In his series of articles, Ken Sutherland covers new developments in a number of broad classes of filtration and separation.


The quality of oil extracted from the Peng Lai oil field in China was such that a complete new centrifuge had to be designed and created to successfully pr


The installation of self-cleaning filters from Russell Finex helped clean debris from mixers before liquid fuel was pumped into tankers, resulting in incre


US-based UV disinfection specialist Aquionics met with an unusual request when it was asked to help design a mobile UV disinfection system with in-house en


A UK sheep pelt tannery required a DAF sludge dewateringsystem that could cut costs while dealing effectively withvery wet, fatty animal waste. GEA install


An IChemE-award winning ion exchange system which removes nitrate from groundwater with minimum use for chemicals, reduced power consumption and waste volu


When a major steel plant on the east coast of Sweden installed a new rolling mill its managers decided to recycle 100% of both the process water and the sl


A novel underground solution to locating the Besos Wastewater Treatment plant in Barcelona, Spain required additional measures to deal with offensive odour


Chivas Brothers' Glenallachie Distillery near Aberlour in North East Scotland has installed a new wastewater treatment facility. Commissioned in late 2008,


A Netherlands-based chemicals manufacturer has installed a water treatment system combining ultrasonic microbiological control and corrosion inhibitors, an


A city in the USA needed to replace its aging water softening technology. After considering the options, a new reverse osmosis system was selected.


The filtration stage in the manufacture of sodium hypochlorite bleach can be severely hampered by the build-up of gas. The US chemical manufacturer Olin Co


Counting and classifying foreign particulate materials on filters is essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Traditional techniques are lengthy and diff


A transition to integrated single-use technologies is helping to adapt to the challenges of bringing biotechnology drugs to market. Christine Valle explain


Filter integrity testing is critically important in biopharmaceutical production processes. However, when large numbers of filters need to be tested daily,


In minerals processing, choosing a suitable concentrate launder design in separation by flotation requires a number of issues to be considered. Dr Rob Cole

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