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Filtration and Separation features

Warden's high surface area filter success

A look at a technology which utilises the surface area of filter media to make a more efficient effluent treatment process.


Membrane separation processes such as nanofiltration, forward osmosis and electrodialysis could solve issues with current recovery techniques.


How specially adapted automatic basket strainers from Eaton, designed for high pressure, minimised control valve wear in a Swiss power plant.


This study evaluates the performance of different membranes in removing microplastics within a simple system for use in a domestic environment.


The interaction of liquid water droplets and salt particles influences the operating behavior of gas cleaning filters.


The impact of operative and water quality parameters on brackish water decontamination was investigated using a batch electrodialysis system.


A nature-based system uses a series of water tanks that imitate aquatic habitats, eliminating the need for chemicals, de-sludging or large investment.


How coastal communities are exploring ways to reduce and remove pollutants from waterways before they discharge into the Great Barrier Reef’s lagoon.


The efficacy of a novel submerged NF membrane was evaluated.


The only way to achieve a specified purity levels is to select and install proper filtration, with the job intended and the task fully understood.


The status, driving factors and future trends of the seawater desalination industry in China.


25 micropollutants were studied in six GAC-filters.


Composites and coatings that use graphene offer a new solution to some of the key environmental challenges facing Europe.


We find out how modular water treatment systems can provide the UK water industry with solutions to meet stricter regulations.


The graphene oxide membrane is a promising material for nanofiltration, but its application in seawater desalination is limited.


To improve the reliability and future resilience of a water treatment works, an ultra-­compact UV generator from Evoqua was installed.


One way of reducing energy consumption and meeting target water demands is by playing on the strengths of two or more processes through hybridization.


How cloud-based technology will enable water companies to revolutionise their systems and processes, and think and work smarter.


Membrane materials, the effect of operating parameters on pervaporation performance, and current research on nanocomposite membranes.


When a major egg washing facility was faced with a high level of BOD in its discharged effluent, it contacted CETCO.

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New discoveries help to find the best approach to the problem of biofouling in water reverse osmosis.


The first webinar will take place on Tuesday 26 January between 14:30–16:00 GMT.


Acquisition will add screening, sedimentation and filtration solutions.


Hollingsworth & Vose won the Waterloo Filtration Institute’s Product of the Year Award for its NanoWave XT filtration media.


Face masks, respirators, meltblown production, donations and more.

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Jan ’21

UK exhibition for the compressed air, generators and vacuum market.

Feb ’21

International filtration event for industry professionals.

Jan ’21

Mar ’21

For industry professionals familiar with nonwovens.

Sep ’20

Global event for water professionals covering the entire water cycle.