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Filtration and Separation features

Stopping leaks with Xylem's digital solutions

How cloud-based technology will enable water companies to revolutionise their systems and processes, and think and work smarter.


Membrane materials, the effect of operating parameters on pervaporation performance, and current research on nanocomposite membranes.


When a major egg washing facility was faced with a high level of BOD in its discharged effluent, it contacted CETCO.


Different nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes were tested in both laboratory and field studies.


Camfil's air quality solutions helps preserve the Russia's Heritage Museum’s precious collection.


Novel bipolar membrane applications include CO2 capture, energy storage, and wastewater treatment.


How black liquor evaporation and chemical removal systems designed by Veolia Water Technologies can help make pulp & paper operations more efficient.


A novel pretreatment process to improve desalination of hard brackish water.


When a Danish town looked to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, a solution was found in the Densadeg XRC* Extreme-rate Clarifier from SUEZ.


A polyethylene oxide/polyaniline (PEO/PANI) composite membrane was synthesized and tested.


Surface heating techniques including photothermal, electrothermal, microwave and induction heating are compared.


How a temporary solution at a wastewater treatment plant was implemented while contractors built a new rotating biological contactor (RBC) system.


Electrospun carbon nanofibre mats were formed from poly(acrylonitrile) to generate flexible, self-standing membranes for air filtration.


At a WWTW, problematic lobe air blowers in its biological air flooded filter were replaced with VSD, low-pressure, rotary screw blowers from Atlas Copco.


José Larios, CEO of Celeros Flow Technology, discusses what it is like to launch a new venture during a global pandemic.


A report on the application of sweeping gas membrane distillation for treating high-salinity produced water.


Current trends in membrane desalination processes used for agricultural purposes.


Upcoming feature - a look at some of the most relevant criteria when selecting a filter bag for optimum performance.


Plastic-free, stainless steel mesh designs are becoming more important in the treatment of wastewater.Here is a brief overview of the selection by GKD.


Initial details of the specification of the system are now freely available on the IfM website.

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Filtering contaminated water used for cooling at a Chinese steel plant using an Eaton 2596 automatic self-cleaning strainer.


Iron contamination can present a number of problems for water filtration systems for agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Daniel Ityel of A


The need to remove pathogens from potable water supplies is long recognised. In this article the characteristics of pathogen groups are outlined alongside


How cloud-based technology will enable water companies to revolutionise their systems and processes, and think and work smarter.


An interview with De.mem Ltd CEO Andreas Kroell, Membrane Technology, August 2018 issue.

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