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Lakeside’s Closed Loop Reactor at Bentonville

A US city saw its 2019 average daily flow increase by almost one million gallons from 2018. Proactive measures have been key in dealing with this rise.


A review of the current state of osmosis-assisted processes using forward osmosis.


Extra virgin olive oils are renowned for their superior quality, but its production has it's own challengers. One producer found a filtration solution.


Microplastic (10-90 μm) removal was studied during drinking water treatment.


Nanoparticle retention was evaluated for a range of commercial 0.2 μm sterile filters.


Here we examine how UK water companies should prioritise spending and investment in the light of Covid-19.


An air filtration technology that quickly removes 99.9% of airborne dust, pollen, and nano-fine particles such as bacteria and viruses.


Three wastewater treatment plants were investigated to compare the ability of sand filters to retain microplastics from secondary treated effluents.


To increase support processes across the GKD Group, structured systems were created to connect sites and promote global knowledge sharing.


Image-based structure analysis reveals anisotropic permeability and isoporosity.


A water recycling system uses the latest ultrafiltration technology to deliver a low-energy and responsive water reuse system for buildings.


A review of various technologies and processes for achieving sustainable brine management.


This article examines how Vienna's wastewater treatment plant transformed from being a major energy consumer into net producer.


Effluent for reuse can be obtained by reverse osmosis filtration.


Climeworks, a Swiss company specialising in direct air capture technology, has been chosen by Microsoft to help it achieve negative emissions by 2030.


Indoor PM2.5 was measured in 37 urban commercial offices in China, India, the UK and USA.


This article aims to help filtration experts persuade owners and operators of gas processing facilities of the importance of filtration.


An analytical model to investigate how membrane pore size distribution affects the solute separation efficiency.


Eaton has developed an automatic tubular backwashing filter that reduces freshwater consumption during paper manufacture.


This study found that UF permeate quality met the latest EU regulation for agricultural irrigation.

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The new BXS range combines the depth filter sheets of the BECO Standard or CPS ranges.


Research paper 'Water recovery from laundry wastewater by the cross flow microfiltration process' published in Journal of Cleaner Production.


The spacer patterns have the potential to reduce fouling and scaling in the element.


Renews and extends licencing agreement.


A US city saw its 2019 average daily flow increase by almost one million gallons from 2018. Proactive measures have been key in dealing with this rise.

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