Desalination is dedicated to promoting leading edge progress on the globally important topic of water desalting since 1966. It focuses broadly on science and engineering, being both fundamental and applied in motivation, respecting that desalination today is a widely accepted practice by industry and communities, but in need of ongoing innovation at all levels to ensure economic and environmental sustainability.

Desalination therefore welcomes submissions detailing work that is clearly connected to water desalting including applications of desalination to seawater, groundwater and waste waters, such as thermal, membrane, sorption and hybrid processes. The journal considers articles showing advances in science made on desalination materials, processes and related technologies. Articles can feature transport and process modelling, energy consumption, renewable energy and energy recovery. Topics can also be on related systems such as pre-treatment, post-treatment, integrated plants and brine disposal. Performance aspects are also of interest, for example causes, consequences, and countermeasures of fouling and scaling. Articles presenting interesting technical, economic, and regulatory analyses of full-scale plants will also be considered. Overall, topics of submitted articles are prioritised to those well suited to a journal dedicated to the field of desalination.

All submitted articles must predominantly consist of innovative work and original thinking, and present previously unreported outcomes and experiences. A high standard of quality (writing and presentation) is expected for submitted articles commensurate of articles published in leading international journals.

Desalination considers submissions as outlined above as Full Text Papers, Short Communications, State-of-the-Art Reviews and Letters to Editors. Prospective Review Authors are requested to contact the Editorial team prior to submission. Short Communications should be concise and not exceed 4-6 printed pages but must include complete descriptions of any investigation of the research which must be cutting-edge and novel with knowledge that warrants speedy communication to the readership.

Editorial board


  • Nidal Hilal
    Swansea University, Swansea, Wales, UK


  • Amy E. Childress
    University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Jaeweon Cho
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, The Republic of Korea
  • Mikel Duke
    Victoria University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Tao He
    Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
  • Mohamed Khayet
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Advisory Board

  • Menachem Elimelech
    Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  • Anthony Gordon Fane
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
    Malaysia University of Technology, Johor, Malaysia
  • Anastasios J. Karabelas
    Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Raphael Semiat
    The Wolfson Chemical Engineering Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel

Editorial Board

  • M. Biesheuvel
    Wetsus, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • A. Casañas
    Dow Chemical Iberica S.L., Madrid, Spain
  • Y. Cohen
    University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, California, USA
  • E. Drioli
    Università della Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende (CS), Italy
  • N. Ghaffour
    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • S. Gray
    University of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • R. Hashaikeh
    Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • D. Hasson
    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  • N. Kabay
    Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
  • M. Kurihara
    Toray Industries, Inc., Japan
  • C. Lee
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, The Republic of Korea
  • J. H. Lienhard V
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • X. Lu
    Hainan Tropical Ocean University (HTOU), Hainan, China
  • J. McCutcheon
    University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA
  • B. Mi
    University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA
  • I. Mujtaba
    University of Bradford, Bradford, UK
  • K. C. Ng
    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • L. D. Nghiem
    University of Wollongong, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
  • T. Pankratz
    Desalination, Houston, Texas, USA
  • S. Sarp
    Swansea University, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea, Wales, UK
  • H. K. Shon
    University of Technology Sydney, Broadway, New South Wales, Australia
  • V.M. Starov
    Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK
  • S. Vigneswaran
    University of Technology Sydney, Broadway, New South Wales, Australia
  • R. Wang
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore
  • X. Yang
    Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia