WABAG will be responsible for the turnkey realisation of the project and its services package. This includes documentation and the disassembly of the old plant, design and engineering, the supply, construction and start-up of the updated plant technology.

The water for the treatment plant is taken from a nearby river and processed into high-purity, industrial water in the course of several process stages. These consist mainly of clarification, filtration, reverse osmosis, softening and demineralisation. The plant produces 3,600 m3/d of boiler feed and condensate water, as well as 36,000 m3/d of cooling water and thus secures the operation of the steam boilers. Appropriate water conditioning prevents deposits in the boiler pipes and corrosion in the steam and condensate system is also minimised.

Commissioning of the new water treatment system for the first unit is scheduled for December 2010.