The MED desalination units from IDE will boost total daily capacity from 100,000 m3/day to 200,000 m3/day. The IDE units will provide the desalinated seawater required for use in the power plant’s steam boilers, as well as drinking water for local residents. The ability of the MED units to re-use waste heat generated by the power plant reduces total desalination costs, while also minimizing the plant’s discharge of heat into the atmosphere.

Guo Qigangang, general manager of the Tianjin SDIC Electric Power Plant, said: “IDE’s MED technology will enable us to realize an environmentally friendly power-seawater-desalination-salt production model, helping us to minimize our environmental footprint while reducing our costs. We are proud to be implementing this world-class design and believe it will serve as a model for other power plants throughout the world.”