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Desalination features

Aquammodate's single-pass water filtration

Inspired by diatoms and aquaporin proteins, Aquammodate’s selective technology produces pure water in a single filter pass and desalination at any scale.


Study indicates it is possible to use discarded RO membranes in FO technology for wastewater treatment after adequate treatment procedures.


A review of recent developments and research trends in MD membranes.


Membrane technology offers great potential in saline wastewater treatment due to its high permeate quality, flexibility, and desalination capability.


Advances in smart process monitoring and control also highlighted.


Scalability is critical for accurately extrapolating filtration performance and reliably extending viral clearance to manufacturing scale.


A review of the current state of osmosis-assisted processes using forward osmosis.


A review of various technologies and processes for achieving sustainable brine management.


An investigation of pretreatment strategies to mitigate the extent of fouling and scaling on the membrane surface.


Combining renewable energy with desalination processes requires further intensive research and demonstration units to assess longer term performance.


Efforts to improve upon the world's first commercial forward osmosis ZLD system (developed by OASYS Water) by employing low-grade heat.


Hybridization of two or more desalination processes is a promising approach to tackle the inherent disadvantages of conventional desalination processes.


Integrated systems can purify water, minimize wastes and extract useful substances.


A review of recent progress, focusing on optimizing filter structure and enhancing electrostatic interaction.


HBSRO is a promising solution towards minimal liquid discharge.


A food-energy-water nexus approach was implemented for South-Central Texas in three distinct scenario analyses.


FCDI is a new electrochemical-based desalination technology that addresses the limitations of preceding CDI processes.


The status, driving factors and future trends of the seawater desalination industry in China.


Composites and coatings that use graphene offer a new solution to some of the key environmental challenges facing Europe.


The graphene oxide membrane is a promising material for nanofiltration, but its application in seawater desalination is limited.

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Inspired by diatoms and aquaporin proteins, Aquammodate’s selective technology produces pure water in a single filter pass and desalination at any scale.


The FlexEDR and the XtremeRO mobile plants were supplied to two separate customers.

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Abstract deadline: 4 June 2021

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