White Knight's compact non-metallic filter housings

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White Knight Fluid Handling FHA Series filter housings.
White Knight Fluid Handling FHA Series filter housings.

These dual- and quad-bowl filter housings offer in-line (series) or parallel operation with greater filtration surface area, and they are available in 10-in. or 20-in. models.

The FHA Series filter housings combine compact size, improved containment, and high-flow performance. They require 50% less tool space and feature PTFE/PFA liquid paths with no flow restrictions to minimize pressure drop. Their leak-proof, machined design ensures reliable operation and allows for thermal cycling. The housings are easy to configure, install and service. They can be installed upright or inverted.

No metal parts

The housings contain no metal parts and allow for filters to be changed without disconnecting liquid lines. They may be installed with industry standard fluid connections without use of NPT threads, and the modular design ensures there is no need to plumb or weld multiple filter housings together.

In parallel dual-chamber housings, fluid flows through two chambers simultaneously. Parallel quad-chamber housings allow fluid to flows through four chambers simultaneously. In-line (series) dual-chamber fluid flows through one chamber and then through the second. Quad-chamber housings in series allow chemicals to flow through two chambers and then through two more chambers.

White Knight filter housings are capable of 7 Bar (100 PSI) max pressure at 25°C (77°F), and 3 Bar (45 PSI) max Pressure at 100°C (212°F