Stratophase developing in-line sensor system for high-value liquid production processes

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Stratophase is developing the in-line sensor system as part of a consortium of companies. The project aims to expand the SpectroSens technology, by focusing on developing additional measurement parameters such as spectroscopic information, particle content, pressure and viscosity, to provide multiple measurements at each point of the process.

This will enable real-time monitoring of key criteria, and employ Quality by Design (QBD) principles to fulfil Process Analytical Technology (PAT) requirements. The data will be available at each stage of a process, making it simple to identify any potential problems as they occur, for more cost-effective production.

Dr Richard Williams, CEO of Stratophase said: “Our existing SpectroSens technology has already been successfully demonstrated in a range of different processes including fermentations and continuous flow reactions. We are delighted to have the opportunity to build on this success with this new project.”