Raven Lining Systems celebrates its 30th anniversary

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As Raven Lining Systems is set to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2018, the company is proud to introduce the newest additions to the AquataPoxy brand, the AquataPoxy 90 (epoxy lining) and AquataPoxy 190 (red oxide epoxy primer/finish coating).

These products will supplement Raven’s existing portfolios (AquataPoxy and AquataFlex) for the potable water market.

The AquataPoxy brand has been around for over 30 years, delivering long-term corrosion prevention for potable water infrastructures. The success of this Raven brand has spanned applications from storage tanks, water treatment plants, aquariums, and tunnels to the locks on the Panama Canal.

The AquataPoxy 9 has a fast curing direct to metal anti-corrosive epoxy coating. The standalone coating, which also can be used as an excellent surface tolerant primer for a wide variety of topcoats and it has been approved for minimum size tanks (less than 25 gallons) and pipes (less than 10 inches).

The AquataPoxy 190 also has a fast curing blast holding direct to metal primer or standalone finish coat epoxy and also meets California’s air quality requirements. It has been approved for minimum size tanks (less than 5 gallons) and pipes (less than 4 inches).  

Rob Pawlak, of Raven Lining Systems has written a blog which outlines how the AquataPoxy 90 and AquataPoxy 190 could help to strengthn the water and wastewater infrastructure in the U.S. The blog post can be found here.