Purazur to design and build new water treatment installation for Indaver

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Purazur will be responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the new installation.

Indaver treats industrial hazardous waste in three rotary kiln incinerators.

To ensure compliance with stringent emission requirements, the flue gases from the incineration process are treated in a wet gas scrubber where harmful substances are captured by the washing water.

This washing water must also meet rigorous discharge standards. As a result, the washing water will be treated separately in the new water treatment installation currently being designed and built by Purazur. It will replace Indaver’s existing water treatment installation, which has reached the end of its useful life.

Pieter Van der Mussele, Purazur Business Unit manager, said: “Indaver is an important new client for Purazur, and allows us to consolidate our position as a total solution provider in the field of water treatment.”

Plant construction is scheduled to be completed by August 2017. After a six-month test period, the new plant will be commissioned in early 2018.