Modern Water MOD plant begins operation in Oman

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Al-Khaluf is Modern Water’s second desalination plant using the MOD technology, the first being the Gibraltar MOD plant. Producing water since September 2008, the Gibraltar MOD plant has achieved a 30% increase in productivity to the Forward Osmosis (FO) part of the process and is part of an ongoing research and development programme to further improve efficiency at the plant. 

Neil McDougall, executive chairman of Modern Water said: “The start-up of the Al-Khaluf plant is a major breakthrough for Modern Water. Spending on desalination and other water-related technologies in the Middle East continues to increase and so we are delighted to have a commercial plant operating in the region that can also act as a showcase for potential clients. 

“What’s more, through completing a successful commissioning process in Oman, we have demonstrated that our MOD technology can operate effectively in technically challenging surroundings with high levels of salinity.”