Hydrodynamics overhaul delivers improved SAF efficiency

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Refining the hydrodynamics of a submerged aerated filter (SAF) packaged wastewater treatment systems can deliver major reductions in cost and carbon footprint, according to research carried out by Andrew Baird, technical director of wastewater treatment specialist WPL.

The research was carried out in-house on a test-rig, in WPL’s laboratories and through field trials with UK utilities. The latest pilot engineering design project successfully identified how the flow through a SAF can be accurately observed and measured with varying media fill rates. It was found that the WPL SAF media moved slowly whilst the internal hydrodynamics created a significant flow over the media, encouraging higher contact times.

Research and development into SAF technology undertaken by WPL has culminated in the WPL SmartCellTM, which is a compact module with counter-current hydraulics to ensure constant flow over the optimised media. With a 90% fill rate, the SmartCell has sufficient open-voidage to avoid fouling or becoming sludge-bound when applied in secondary treatment.