Envirogen Technologies controlling odour at municipal wastewater lift stations

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Each biofiltration odour control system includes the required blowers, irrigation systems, feed tanks, controls, proprietary media and nutrients as well as inspection and staff training services to ensure trouble-free system performance at start-up.  

Michael M Stark, president and chief executive officer of Envirogen said: “We’re proud to be offering our advanced biofiltration systems at a time when municipal water utilities are especially pressed to control costs across the board without any sacrifice in performance. The widespread acceptance of this ‘green’ technology speaks for its operational effectiveness, and municipalities can now actually achieve improved odour control results while significantly reducing their operation and maintenance costs. With over 150 of these systems in place and more than a dozen new start-ups in the past year, we at Envirogen Technologies feel confident that this technology is the best solution to the industry’s need for more efficient treatment at lower lifecycle costs.” 

The capacities of the Pinellas Park, West Boylston and Sugarland odour control systems range from 525 to 1,600 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air with a 99% or greater removal efficiency for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) (<0.05 parts per million at outlet). The equipment also requires a relatively small site footprint, with the largest of the three systems, a dual-biofilter installation for Pinellas Park, needing only a 20’ x 20’ area. Envirogen Technologies can design its modular engineered biofilter systems to handle air flows from 50 to 10,000 cfm and a wide range of H2S concentrations, along with other odour-causing compounds.