EcoPhos selects Veolia’s evaporation technology for Egyptian phosphate project

The HPD systems will be installed as two separate units and will include a calcium chloride pre-concentration and concentration plant as well as a phosphoric acid concentration system.

Both HPD systems are key components to ensure the final production of water soluble, high-quality fertilizer.

At the new fertilizer facility in Egypt, the Veolia process equipment will contribute towards production of 60,000 metric tons (MT) of di-calcium phosphate (DCP), 33,600 MT of purified phosphoric acid (PPA), and 90,000 MT per year of granular, anhydrous calcium chloride. The phosphate end product is sold into the agricultural and animal feed markets and, following the start-up of the plant at the end of 2017, will as such contribute to the economic sustainability of Evergrow’s customers.