Desalitech to supply desalination unit for Massachusetts golf course

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The wells that supply irrigation water for the golf course are being affected by accelerating seawater intrusion.

The Kittansett Club's Desalitech Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD) unit will treat 100 gallons per minute of well water varying from 1000 to 10 000 parts per million dissolved salts. It is designed for maximum water utilisation, capable of producing over 9 gallons of purified water from every 10 gallons it is fed, minimising well withdrawals and reject flow.

"Our proprietary CCD process has the ability to adjust to varying feedwater conditions, while operating at over 90% recovery with a single- stage of reverse osmosis membrane elements," said Desalitech executive vice president Rick Stover. "We were the only bidder that could guarantee our system would perform as required if the feedwater salinity doubled."

"At the end of the day when we looked at cost of ownership, operational cost, efficiency and the unit's ability to manage varying salinity levels without upgrading equipment, Desalitech's system was at the top of our list," said John Kelly, Kittansett golf course superintendent.