Culligan supplies arsenic removal water system to Acqualatina

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The new system enables Aprilia residents to draw potable water from municipal waterworks in compliance with new Italian regulations that took effect at the beginning of this year.

The Culligan system consists of four filtration lines assembled in a clover configuration, to allow for easy management and simple control, while ensuring high filtration efficiency. Butterfly valves with a pneumatic actuator are installed in a 20 foot container, which also houses the local control unit. This configuration is extremely compact, with all sensitive components protected from any atmospheric damage by the specially designed container, which also enables relatively rapid relocation if necessary at a future time.

“The successful results were achieved thanks to both the expertise of the Acqualatina staff, who provided precise indications throughout the planning stage and were extremely attentive at every stage of the installation and testing, and to Culligan’s extensive experience in the design and realization of countless systems utilizing a wide variety of different processes. Drawing on laboratory and field tests conducted, we are able to offer our clients solutions specifically designed to meet their technical and economic requirements,” said Lauro Prati, director Commercial & Industrial Italy, Culligan.

Acqualatina is the operator of Integrated Water Services in ATO (Optimal Territory Area) No 4 in Southern Lazio.