Calgon Carbon to supply FLUEPAC carbon for mercury removal at US power plants

The two-year US$16 million–US$22 million contract follows the expiration of a five-year, take-or-pay supply agreement between the two companies. Calgon Carbon will provide certain electric generating units with 100% of their activated carbon requirements for mercury removal for a period of two years. The agreement includes an option to extend the contract through 2015. Under terms of the agreement, the price of the FLUEPAC carbon will be adjusted annually based on certain producer price indices which are published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We are extremely pleased with this customer’s decision to continue use of our FLUEPAC carbon. It clearly demonstrates confidence in the quality and reliability of our product to meet stringent state regulations for control of mercury emissions from power plant flue gas,” said Jim Sullivan, Calgon Carbon’s senior vice president – Americas’ operations.