Xylem denitrification systems treat Chinese wastewater

The installation of these Xylem solutions is part of a national strategy to improve wastewater treatment by 90% over five years involving the construction of 1200 new municipal wastewater treatment plants and approximately 160 000 km of new piping.

Xylem’s Leopold elimi-NITE system, incorporating Xylem’s Leopold Type S Underdrain and FilterWorx Control System, is already operational at the Jingkaiqu Third Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hefei, in Anhui Province. The plant treats 100 000 tonnes of wastewater per day.

Xylem has also provided denitrification technology for the Yangzhou Liuwei Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jiangsu Province. The plant is situated at the centre of the densely populated Yangzhou metropolitan area.

The third installation at the Jingjiang Huahui City Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Jiangsu Province is also situated in a heavily populated region.

The Leopold elimi-NITE system uses a patented process control programme which harnesses the advantages of deep-bed, mono-media filters to remove nutrients in the wastewater by converting nitrate-nitrogen to harmless nitrogen gas, leading to reduced impact on aquatic life. It also removes phosphorus and total suspended solids (TSS) from wastewater. The system is engineered for use in plants where space is limited.

“China is currently embarking on a programme of improving wastewater quality and Xylem is in a strong position to support this effort. Our advanced wastewater solution, the first application of the Leopold denitrification filter process in eastern China, will enhance people’s living standards as well as provide a sustainable wastewater system that will benefit the local environment,” said Steve Scheidler, business director of Xylem Leopold.