WTA Vogtland launches submerged membrane module

The product was launched in the beginning of 2017 and this second generation of the submerged membrane module for filtration applications in water and waste water is being named H2L, short for HYBRID 2nd LEVEL.

As its name suggests, the H2L combines the advantages of two existing submerged module concepts such as back-wash-ability and high packing density (hollow fibers), easy pre-treatment and good hydraulic behavior (flat-sheet).

In addition, the multi-layer design of the membrane pockets called Safe Guard Technology, ensures a safe rejection of bacteria and solids even if the membrane layer suffers damages. The product is especially suitable for limited tank height and areas.

The design concept of H2L is modular built from the so called USBs (Ultrafiltration Single Blocks) which are available in different sizes. Based on this concept, H2L is available in 64 different standard sizes ranging from 20 – 500 m2 membrane surface area.

The new Submerged Membrane Module from WTA Vogtland GmbH.