World Water Works presents its Ideal Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR)

Aeration grid of the MBBR.
Aeration grid of the MBBR.

World Water Works, the manufacturer of specialised process and wastewater treatment technologies, has announced its Ideal MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors) for upgrading existing industrial wastewater treatment facilities for overloaded, non-performing, and/or undersized systems. 

The Ideal MBBR can enhance existing performance and increase capacity of existing treatment plants by being installed in a small footprint reactor(s) upstream of the existing biological system.  

It acts as a roughing reactor, unloading the existing system by 60-80%, and sloughing bacteria from the Ideal MBBR passes onto serve to bioaugment and stabilise the existing system. In effect the Ideal MBBR unloads the organic load on the existing biological process and continuously seeds it with new bacteria.

The performance of the existing system accelerates yielding much more consistent and lower impurity concentrations.  More advanced bacterial cultures thrive which digest the solids further resulting in far better performance of the clarifier and an overall reduction of solids generated.  

In the Ideal MBBR a thin film of bacteria grows on the free-floating proprietary plastic media. This thin, 50-300 micron, highly active “biofilm” is much more tolerant of toxic events and other variables as it consumes the organic material in the wastewater.  

World Water Works' Ideal MBBR media is 100% recycled providing a model of sustainability, and has been used successfully in food and beverage plants, steel mills, oil refineries, petrochemicals, chemical plants, and paper mills.