WEF strategy focuses on innovation

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) strategy will “provide bold leadership, champion innovation, connect water professionals and leverage knowledge to support clean and safe water worldwide,” according to the WEF.

"I'm excited about this bold new strategic direction that we believe will resonate well with our current members and encourage others to join WEF or partner with us to advance innovations in water," said WEF president Matt Bond. "We will be focusing on how water services are delivered and how resource recovery can benefit communities.”

The critical objectives of the strategy are to:

• Drive innovation in the water sector;

• Enrich the expertise of global water professionals;

• Increase awareness of the value of water.

"We envision WEF as essential to water professionals around the world, and we are designing and aligning the programmes, products, and services to deliver on each of our critical objectives," added executive director Jeff Eger. "Our new direction sets the stage to dramatically advance the evolution of water resource management and support a movement toward an energy-positive water sector."

The WEF’s business plan will include initiatives that support a new vision for an energy-positive water sector, the pursuit of expanded or new relationships with organisations focused on technology innovation, upgraded and expanded content management and delivery of online services and products, the official launch of the WATER’S WORTH IT™ messaging campaign and a new grassroots water advocates programme.

“We'll be focusing on the most valuable programmes and services WEF can provide for members and the water sector worldwide,” said Bond.