Veolia Water Technologies adds to mobile treatment assets in Malaysia

Veolia Water Technologies has deployed three new mobile assets in Malaysia.

Comprising two reverse osmosis (RO) systems alongside an Orion unit, the new mobile water treatment assets will increase Veolia’s mobile water treatment capabilities by over 50% and play a crucial role in supporting customers in the region to efficiently treat more water within shorter time frames.

The mobile RO systems, MORO-4x25C, are capable of treating and producing up to 100 m3/h of water single pass treatment (50 m3/h for double pass) compared with the existing MORO25C units that manage a production rate of 25 m3/h.

With the ability to produce up to 10 m3/h of mobile purified water, the new Orion 6000S unit is the only mobile system that meets the global pharmacopeia standards and surpasses the stringent pharmaceutical process requirements. It can be also configured with an ultrafiltration (UF) polisher to deliver cold water for injection (WFI). Beyond its exceptional water purity, the Orion 6000S stands out for its reduced energy and water consumption, translating to substantial long-term operational savings for customers.


The new mobile assets will be located at Veolia’s Mobile Water Services (MWS) depot in Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This depot will serve as a central hub for asset maintenance, factory acceptance testing (FAT), commissioning and internal training. By consolidating Veolia’s assets from various locations into this centralized facility, assets can quickly be deployed to reach customers during emergencies.

“As we unveil these new mobile units in Malaysia, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to provide innovative and reliable water treatment solutions,” said Florent Puybaret, Asia Pacific Lead, Mobile Water Service at Veolia Water Technologies. “These initiatives perfectly align with the evolving needs of industries facing operational challenges.”