Veolia to deliver wastewater treatment plant for Saudi Aramco’s Jazan refinery

Wholly-owned and operated by Saudi Aramco, the Jazan complex will include a 4000 MW power plant.

Veolia will engineer and procure a wastewater treatment facility for the power plant, which will feature biological treatment, oily water treatment and metal removal treatment.

The facility will be commissioned in 2017. The 1000 m3/h biological treatment package will include Veolia technologies such as AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Actiflo and Multiflo high-rate clarifiers and Hydrotech Discfilters.

Oily water treatment will be achieved by combining two Veolia technologies developed specifically for the oil & gas market: the MPP TiPSS Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI) and the Whittier Power Clean technology, which is a nutshell filter media, designed for effective removal of oil and suspended solids.

Multiflo clarifiers will be used in the third treatment step to remove metals.