Veolia constructs and manages wastewater reuse unit for French bakery

Brioche Pasquier, a French producer of pastries and viennoiseries, has partnered with Veolia to meet its wastewater reuse needs at its site in Les Cerqueux.

Traditional French brioche
Traditional French brioche - Image © Antonio & photos - Adobe Stock.

A new installation, operational since September 2023, allows for the reuse of 3 m3/h of wastewater as cooling water for Brioche Pasquier’s cooling towers.

Brioche Pasquier worked with Veolia Water STI on the implementation of the packaged treatment plant to reuse the wastewater it generates. Veolia will operate the plant for two years.

Located at Brioche Pasquier’s headquarters  in France’s Pays de la Loire region, the facility allows the manufacturer to be 100% compliant with water quality requirements in the food industry. Serving as a pilot unit for its other production sites, the water treatment solution is instrumental in Brioche Pasquier meeting its sustainable development goals, limiting its impact on the water resource by significantly reducing its consumption. Overall, the installation saves 85% of the drinking water used for cooling the factory, which represents 18,000 m3/year. The treated wastewater that is not recycled in the plant is used for agricultural irrigation.

The facility features a customized pretreatment using filtration and a reverse osmosis stage including a Sirion Advanced Pro, allowing for the production of high-quality industrial process water, eliminating up to 98% of dissolved inorganic materials and more than 99% of dissolved organic materials, colloids and particles. Veolia's patented Hydrex chemicals, specially developed to optimize the performance of utilities and water treatment assets, complete the unit.