Valmet invests in filter fabric manufacturing in Brazil

Valmet is investing in filter fabric manufacturing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in order to better respond to the growing demand for high-performance filter fabrics in both the mining and pulp and paper industries in South America.

The Brazilian flag.
The Brazilian flag. - Image © Feydzhet Shabanov - Adobe Stock.

“The investment includes the relocation of the current office and manufacturing facility in Belo Horizonte, new machinery, and improvements in the operations’ energy efficiency and emission reduction. It gives us the necessary assets to further develop sustainable services close to customers,” said Jarkko Syrjälä, director, Filtration at Valmet.

The new facility will become operational during the first half of 2025.

“Improved delivery times will strengthen our position in the South American market. The investment will also ensure our capacity for the coming years to deliver filter fabrics that respond to customer needs and provide maximized reliability and optimized performance for their filtration process,” said Felipe Floriani, Valmet’s services director, South America.