VAF Filtration Systems teams up with Eco BCG

Arvada, Colorado USA-based VAF Filtration Systems has been providing filtration solutions worldwide for over 30 years. The company’s equipment can be used for a variety of filtration applications in industrial water reuse systems, waste water treatment, cooling towers, sea water applications, river, lake and well water extraction, and irrigation.

Eco BCG develops and manages projects for governments and private industry, with offices in Panama City, Panama; Santiago, Chile; Bogota, Colombia; Minnesota, USA; and Mexico City, Mexico.

“VAF is very enthusiastic to be partnered with Eco BCG within the Latin America countries. As we are all too aware, water is quickly becoming a resource that the world can no longer use frivolously. Therefore, it is critical that this valuable resource be used in the most efficient way possible. It is VAF’s objective to work alongside ecoBCG in providing the best filtration systems possible to not only conserve water, but energy as well,” said VAF Filtration Systems’ Steve Springer.

“With this new partnership, Eco BCG complements its water solutions portfolio to penetrate a niche market of great strategic growth in Latin America, and VAF will strengthen its presence in emerging markets and economies,” said Dr Sergio Castillo, president and founder of Eco BCG.