University grant boosts BioLargo’s research

The $25,000 award has been made to initiate research with BioLargo Water, the Canadian arm of technology firm BioLargo, into the firm’s AOS Filter technology and its electrochemical inactivation of pathogens.

The aim is to generate data that can be translated to further applications in the food and agricultural industries. 

"This first federal grant gives BioLargo expanded access to the unique knowledge and expertise at the University of Alberta and helps foster our long-term research partnership with the school," said Dennis Calvert, president and CEO of BioLargo.

"We look forward to this important work with Dr McMullen and to expanding our work at the University of Alberta as additional grants are finalized."

Dr. Lynn McMullen is a professor of food microbiology at the University of Alberta. Her primary research involves the use of techniques to improve the microbial safety and quality of meat and other animal products.

BioLargo hopes her research will lead to the expansion of the company’s Advanced Oxidation system leading to new applications in food and agriculture.