Trizac Abu Dhabi and Johnsen Oil sign distribution agreement

Trizac, a major supplier of oilfield equipment & services within AOGC, has signed a 15 year distribution agreement with sales of Johnsen Oil products to be more than €30 million per year.

Johnsen Oil’s says that its liquid filtration products can help meet the Middle East’s particular environmental challenges, such as dust and condensation. “We have performed a survey of the market in the Middle East and have not been able to find a comparable product,” said Jan Olsen, Trizac’s principal consultant. “We are looking forward to the cooperation with Johnsen Oil.”

One liquid filtration product, the Johnsen Oil Hydraulic Station provides an oil quality level of NAS Class 5 – 6 or ISO-Code 4406: 15/12/10 – 17/15/12, and water removal better than 150 PPM.