Tosoh launches separation media

Tosoh has launched its newly developed separation media Toyopearl AF-r Protein A HC-650F. 

The biopharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly in many developed, and developing countries,  and Protein A–affinity separation media is necessary to the industry’s purification of monoclonal antibodies in the production of antibody biopharmaceuticals.

Tosoh’s new Protein A–affinity separation media exhibits high binding affinity, alkaline resistance, and mechanical stability.

Toyopearl AF-r Protein A HC-650F is a high-performance separation media that achieves 30% to 50% greater antibody adsorption than similar products, the company claims.

That represents binding capacity of approximately 70 grams of antibody volume per liter of separation media. Even when Toyopearl AF-r Protein A HC-650F is used on high titer samples, its high adsorption ensures quality antibodies, the Japanese company states.

Higher binding capacity and alkaline resistance of media supports a significant decrease in production and operational costs. Similarly, the high mechanical stability that the product features as a result of its structure of hard resins support rapid antibody purification.