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Torngat Metals partners with Metso for pilot scale ore processing

Torngat Metals Ltd, a Canadian rare earths developer, and Metso have signed a contract for pilot testing and optimizing processing solutions for the Strange Lake Rare Earth project in Québec.

Strange Lake, Québec, Canada
Strange Lake, Québec, Canada - Photo: Business Wire.

The process incorporates advanced technologies including x-ray sensor-based ore sorting, magnetic separation, and flotation, based on Metso’s proprietary technology. This work is being executed in close collaboration with GTK Mintec (Geological Survey of Finland) in Outokumpu, Finland.

The first phase of work will be completed by the end of 2023, resulting in the production of a rare earth concentrate. The next phase will use the rare earth concentrate to scale-up and optimize the subsequent process steps to produce a mixed rare earth solution, based on Metso’s expertise in acid and heat-based minerals processing and purification. Metso will also provide production scale engineering and offer technology and equipment solutions for future commercial operations with Torngat.

Torngat is developing the Strange Lake project in the Nunavik region of Québec to provide a long-term responsible supply of rare earths required for many high-tech and low-carbon technologies, including electric vehicles and wind turbines.