Thermo Fisher Scientific adds to Hypersil GOLD range

The Hypersil GOLD range has been extended.
The Hypersil GOLD range has been extended.

Hypersil GOLD C4 from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a low hydrophobicity column with short alkyl chain length. This has the effect of shortening retention, making the column ideal for reversed phase separations of analytes such as proteins and peptides.

Hypersil GOLD amino columns are well suited to the analysis of sugars and carbohydrates, demonstrating properties in three modes: weak anion exchange, reversed and normal phases.

Hypersil GOLD AX is ideal for the separation of proteins, peptides, other anionic species and polar molecules, and can be used as both an anion exchange column and for HILIC separations.

As a highly stable quaternary amine strong anion exchange column, designed for aqueous mobile phase, the Hypersil GOLD SAX is ideally suited for use with smaller organic molecules, including nucleotides and organic acids.

The final addition, Hypersil GOLD Silica, is an efficient tool for the analysis of non-polar and moderately polar organic compounds using normal phase LC.