Sterlitech’s adds transparent crossflow filtration cell to CF042 series

Feed solution enters the membrane cavity in Sterlitech’s CF042AC, flowing tangentially across the membrane surface. A portion of the stream permeates the membrane and flows through the permeate carrier located on the underside of the top half of the cell, finally exiting through the outlet on the top of the cell into a user designated collection vessel. The concentrate stream, which contains the material rejected by the membrane, continues sweeping over the membrane, exiting via the concentrate outlet on the underside of the bottom half of the cell into a discharge vessel or back in to the feed vessel. A concentrate control valve on the low pressure side of the holder allows for complete user control over the flow of the solution.

Mark Spatz, president of Sterlitech said: “We’ve seen a number of inquiries from customers wanting to know if the acrylic cell can be used for a variety of operations ranging from the typical to the completely unique. Being able to actually see the filtration process makes monitoring and evaluation much easier.”