Sorbwater tests water technology in Middle East pilot project

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Technology from Sorbwater.
Technology from Sorbwater.

The Sorbwater solution combines high performance separation equipment and innovative flocculent extracted from seaweed.

Using Sorbwater technology, the produced water is being cleaned from an oil-in-water content of about 100ppm down to 1ppm oil in water. This will enable the use of a desalination process to remove the salt from the water so that it can be reused as process or wash water.

The pilot started in January 2016. If successful, the Sorbwater system will be deployed in several plants, with each installation treating 200 000–300 000 bbl/day of produced water. The trial is in the range of 400bbl/day.

“The pilot is now about 50% complete, and results to date are excellent. A successful pilot will represent a breakthrough for reusing such water in the region and achieving zero liquid discharge,” said Kenneth Olsvik, CEO of Sorbwater Technology.

Sorbwater’s solution uses a combination of high performance separation equipment and an innovative flocculent that is extracted from seaweed. Called Sorbfloc, it is a totally “green” product from the hydrocolloid family able to attach to even the smallest particles or oil droplets in water. It is characterised by excellent cross linking capabilities that, when activated according to Sorbwater’s process, instantly and irreversibly flocculate pollution in water to large, easy separable super-strong flocks.