Schlumberger releases ClearPhase for well testing

ClearPhase, from Schlumberger, integrates TORR de-oiling technology licensed from ProSep Inc. with Schlumberger surface testing technology. The ClearPhase system uses RPA reusable petroleum absorbent from ProSep Inc. No waste or by-products are generated during effluent treatment. This technology helps eliminate the need for storage, transport and offsite processing of fluids for more efficient, cost-effective operations onshore and offshore.

ClearPhase handles water flow rates to 5,000 barrels per day, is rated for H2S service and is qualified to 212 degF and 150 psi. For added safety, the self-contained pressurized system does not require gas venting while testing. If necessary, fluids can be redirected back into the system to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.  

Shehryar Lodhi, marketing manager, Schlumberger Testing Services, said: “ClearPhase recovers residual oil to reduce oil-in-water concentration to less than 20 ppm and helps our clients get more out of their well test. This unique treatment service gives operators the freedom to test in environmentally sensitive areas.”