Schenck Process subsidiary launches e-nizing platform

Picture: Schenck Process Holding GmbH.
Picture: Schenck Process Holding GmbH.

Schenck Process’s newly founded subsidiary e-nizing GmbH is launching, a platform to visualize the status of machines regardless of manufacturer.

e-nizing® is one app for all IoT solutions. It is an open system, highly scalable and offers everything in one place, independently of its vendors. visualizes the status of the machine and provides data analyses through a variety of add-ons. Customers can choose to go either directly with or with third party services.

Limits for every data point can be defined and any event can trigger a phone call, email or API call. This can be used, for example, to notify if there is a problem in the plant or to order spare parts or maintenance automatically.

The platform’s key characteristics are simple, safe, generic and fast.

“On behalf of the team I am delighted to announce the launch of e-nizing,” said Andreas Evertz, president & CEO Schenck Process and managing director of e-nizing GmbH. “The market showed a need for what e-nizing offers for a long time and we are now providing the answer. E-nizing already supports many Schenck Process machines’ monitoring, with many more coming soon. We do, what everyone’s always talking about. Easy industry 4.0 is now becoming reality.”

Michael Paas, vice president Technology e-nizing GmbH, said: “I have worked for over 25 years in IT Infrastructure and IT Security including for one of the largest internet service providers. This platform lets users put all doubts to rest. I’ve rarely seen a product that combines usability, high availability, a strong level of IT security all based on the newest IT Technology on one platform, as e-nizing does.”

“Mid 2017, we started with a presentation showing our vision,” explained Jan Krall, vice president of e-nizing GmbH. “Building a solution to so many people’s needs, which is as simple, fast and customer-centric as, in this short amount of time is only possible with an extraordinary team and many customers, giving their feedback into the development process. We have talked about our platform with many customers in the past six months exclusively. The learnings of that phase have been included into the tool, which is finally available to the public now. We are looking forward to continue to help customers to dramatically improve their operations.”