Samsung Austin Semiconductor wins Evoqua Water Sustainability Award

Evoqua Water Technologies has named Samsung Austin Semiconductor LLC as the winner of its 2022 Water Sustainability Award.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor is based in Austin, Texas
Samsung Austin Semiconductor is based in Austin, Texas - Image courtesy of Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

The award recognises Evoqua customers for their excellence in water stewardship, including those using new or existing technologies in innovative, sustainable ways, as well as companies that have made significant strides in water reduction.

Evoqua says that Samsung Austin Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, has demonstrated noteworthy enhancements in waste reduction and water conservation for its semiconductor manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

The Austin facility recently upgraded its treatment solution to remove and recover copper from its wastewater prior to discharge in a more environmentally friendly manner. Following a successful pilot project, Evoqua worked with the facility to design and install a full-scale wastewater ion exchange solution based upon collaborative engineering solutions, providing the plant with a simplified and sustainable treatment system.

“The Evoqua Sustainability Award proudly celebrates the dedication and innovation of customers deploying technologies and operating practices to reach their sustainability goals,” said Ron Keating, Evoqua’s CEO. “Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s achievements in reducing water and waste in its operations have made it an exemplary company, and we are honoured to be part of its sustainability journey.”

Evoqua employees nominate sustainable companies from its customer base for exhibiting excellence in water stewardship, community impact, water and energy efficiency, and environmental protection. The award is given on World Water Day – 22 March 2022. Other finalists included Orange County Water District and Atlantis Dubai.