'Revolutionary' programme for sustainable wastewater treatment rolled out

USA-based companies Chemtreat and World Water Works claim their partnership will deliver a 'revolutionary' new system for sustainable wastewater treatment in the industrial sector.

They have launched the Assured Compliance Program (ACP), a solution that uses 'the most advanced' wastewater automation and control technology to deliver lowest lifecycle treatment costs while ensuring sustainable environmental compliance.

The program, specifically tailored to each customer, uses a proprietary automation and control system that provides robust, automated, and highly reliable industrial process control.

The ACP combines World Water Works’ wastewater technologies with Chemtreat’s chemical solutions to yield a highly efficient and economical solution with proven reliability. Using services from each company, the team’s engineers and technicians evaluate every aspect of the problem before implementing a customised solution.

Solution development includes in-depth exploration of opportunities for water reuse, resource recovery, waste minimisation, and energy and chemical reduction.