PWN Technologies and METAWATER enter strategic alliance

The agreement was recently signed by Jonathan Clement (CEO of PWN Technologies) and Ichiro Fukushima (Executive Director of METAWATER). The agreement will apply for 18 months.PWN Technologies and METAWATER have agreed to jointly pursue the ceramic membrane market internationally on a unified, non-competitive strategy basis. PWN Technologies’ primary roles in the alliance will be marketing, business development, client management and the supply and engineering of PWNT’s CeraMac® system. METAWATER’s primary roles will be the delivery of membranes for the CeraMac® system and the supply of engineering services for METAWATER’s membrane.Both companies agreed to develop a common plan for approaching the opportunity. The starting point will be to determine which system, either CeraMac® or METAWATER’s ceramic system, is more appropriate for a certain project, including from the standpoint of the specific technical approach, such as piloting. Both companies will make commercially reasonable efforts to collaborate intensively on conducting pilot testing. It is anticipated that each pilot test will be approached as a common project, which will entail the sharing of resources i.e. pilot plants, data, and operational staff. A joint economic analysis will be done to determine where each respective system, either CeraMac® or METAWATER’s ceramic system, is the most competitive based on flow rate.In addition, both companies will explore how to expand METAWATER’s role in the supply of the CeraMac® system above and beyond the supply of membranes. This evaluation shall be conducted and concluded within the first six months.PWN Technologies and METAWATER collaborated successfully on the construction of the water treatment plant Andijk III (PWN) in the Netherlands and the CeraMac® demoplant at the Choa Chu Kang Waterworks (PUB) in Singapore.Jonathan Clement, CEO PWN Technologies: "The use of ceramic membranes has many advantages. The longer live expectancy results in lower operational costs. The CeraMac® design offers a considerable reduction in investment costs, which will cause a breakthrough in the market share of ceramic membrane application. This alliance is a logical step, following our intentions to work towards a long term partnership.” Ichiro Fukushima, Executive Director METAWATER: “This strategic alliance offers opportunities for both companies. We believe in the high quality of our ceramic membranes and so does PWN Technologies. We also believe that this strategic partnership will speed up the expected breakthrough of ceramic membrane applications on a large, global scale.”