PUB launches open grant call to develop breakthrough water technology

PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency, has initiated an open Request-for-Proposal (RFP) through the Competitive Funding for Water Research (CWR) initiative, funded by the National Research Foundation.

Singapore skyline.
Singapore skyline. - Image © basiczto - Adobe Stock.

With Singapore's water demand projected to nearly double by 2065, PUB aims to address the challenges of increased energy consumption, waste generation, and climate-related water supply risks.

PUB's research and development (R&D) objectives involve reducing energy and chemical usage, minimising waste, and enhancing water resources and quality. These efforts align with the nation's growing water needs and are designed to ensure long-term cost efficiency.

The RFP focuses on four key R&D areas: Desalination and water reuse, waste reduction and resource recovery, decarbonisation, and water quality and security. PUB encourages innovative ideas and technologies, with two tracks offering funding amounts of S$1.5 million and S$2 million for novel concepts and scaling up promising technologies, respectively.

Dr Pang Chee Meng, PUB’s Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, said, “As we prepare for the challenges of climate change and increasing water demand, it is critical that PUB continues to press forward with our R&D efforts to maintain the sustainability of Singapore's water system by leveraging the latest water and digital technologies. We look forward to receiving proposals with novel and scalable solutions that will help us build a sustainable and resilient water system while meeting present and future water needs."

Under the RIE2025, PUB previously launched three grant calls covering chemical and mineral recovery, climate change impacts projection, and technology utilization for coastal protection efforts, awarding eight projects. The current RFP is open to Institutes of Higher Learning, public sector entities, and private sector entities based in Singapore or overseas, with a submission deadline of 2 February 2024. An information session is scheduled for 9 November 2023 at PUB’s WaterHub for interested parties to learn more and register.