Product increases mercury oxidation for wet scrubbers

Amended Silicates- Ox (AS-Ox) has been designed to increase mercury oxidation in the flue gas without utilizing corrosive halogen chemicals. It prevents the re-emission of captured mercury from wet scrubbers.

In many coal-fired power plants, oxidized mercury can be substantially removed by the plant’s wet scrubbers.

However, variations in coal supply, the plant’s load cycling, and a wet scrubber’s propensity to re-emit mercury can result in inconsistent compliance with the mercury capture requirements of the US EPA’s Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS).

AS-Ox is injected into the flue gas as a fine powder, enabling active management of mercury oxidation without requiring scrubber re-emission agents or corrosive chemicals. This can increase the operator’s direct control over mercury removal with a single non-corrosive chemical product.