Porvair provides leading technology to world’s cleanest aircraft

Airbus A350
Airbus A350

The Airbus A350 - claimed to be the most technologically-advanced commercial aircraft in the world - is shaping efficiency for the future of air travel, aided by Porvair Filtration Group.

The wide-body A350 jet boasts a 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption thanks to a lower weight and enhanced operational efficiency.

Porvair - recently honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade -manufactures six key components for the A350 at its Segensworth Division in Hampshire.

These include fuel tank inerting filter assemblies, supplementary galley coolant system filter kits, fuel control system filters, fuel tank strainers, power door operating system filter elements, and reservoir inlet strainers.

The company is also manufacturing a family of components for the Bombardier CSeries aircraft, including fuel tank inerting and high lift systems.

Aerospace Market Manager, Andy Cowan said: “With an increasing focus on cost efficiency across the aerospace industry, the protection of expensive equipment has never been more important.

“Costs can be most effectively managed by proactively ensuring that systems are free from contaminants. Benefits include increased safety, performance, a long service life, and reliability in the most demanding situations.

“We have seen these benefits realised in Airbus’ A350 and Bombardier’s CSeries through innovative design for increased capability and the meeting of stringent aerospace regulations as part of a new industry standard.