Porex sale completed

Porex is a 750-employee US business that develops and manufactures porous polymer products, including filters.

William Midgette, president and CEO of Porex, said: “Aurora, and the board it put in place, have been incredible partners during a transformational period of growth for Porex. As a result of Aurora’s investment and support, we have elevated our performance, delivering our technology to world-class customers around the globe with record levels of innovation, speed and quality. Looking ahead, we are excited to partner with Filtration Group as we continue to expand our market-leading capabilities in porous polymer technology.”

“The seamless collaboration between Aurora, Porex and the company’s independent board underpinned the success of an ambitious set of investment initiatives designed to grow Porex’s capabilities and its unique materials technology,” said Michael Marino, partner of Aurora Capital Group. “As a result of these initiatives and several strategic transactions, Porex has evolved to become a larger, stronger and more innovative company. The entire Porex organization, led by president and CEO Bill Midgette, has done a tremendous job building this business, and we believe the company is very well-positioned to continue on its exciting trajectory with Filtration Group.”

Filtration Group, which is owned by Madison Capital Partners, already includes AG Industries, Air Flow Technology, Chemco Manufacturing, Clear Edge Filtration, Dafco Filtration Group, Filtrair, Filtran, Filtration Group, Global Filter, Jonell, Universal Air Filter and Waco Filters.