PMFG secures separation orders worth more than US$5mn

The first order is for steam separators to be installed at a nuclear power plant in the United States, with delivery expected in late calendar 2013. The steam separators, which will be manufactured at the PMFG plant in Denton, Texas, are replacement units for a BWR reactor as part of the plant’s relicencing process.

The second order is for production separators for a South American natural gas project, with delivery expected in late summer 2013. PMFG will fabricate the equipment in the United States.

PMFG CEO Peter Burlage said: “Opportunities to provide replacement steam separators both in the United States and globally in connection with relicencing of nuclear facilities represents a significant opportunity for the company. We believe nuclear power generation will continue to play a material role in the generation of electricity globally. We expect the demand for replacement units to rival or even exceed the demand for steam separators in emerging markets such as China over the foreseeable future.”