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PMFG awarded US$30mn in contracts

The Process Products orders are for the installation of PMFG separation and filtration equipment at three natural gas pipeline projects in China, South America and Saudi Arabia.

The Environmental Systems orders are for two domestic projects for the supply of PMFG Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems for installation on combustion turbines to provide peak electrical load service to the grid.

Peter Burlage, PMFG chief executive officer, said: “We are pleased to have been awarded these important projects in a very competitive marketplace. These projects represent a significant addition to our backlog and we look forward to their successful completion and timely delivery to our customers. Our strategic commitment of resources to the Middle East and the establishment of a manufacturing facility in China have enabled us to expand and grow our Process Products business in these important markets. Our Environmental Systems business, although impacted by the economic slowdown, is well positioned to benefit from the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for the emission of pollution and the increasing utilization of natural gas as the fuel of choice for power generation.”